Mackay MP Feed

They are nutritional diets used by industries producing shrimp and fish. The MP’s (microparticulate) are excellent food for post-larvae, especially during the stages of Mysis and PL. These diets are nutritionally scientific and formulated for optimal development and survival of shrimp larvae and fish.

Features and benefits:

·       It has great stability, buoyancy in water and attraction for balanced and complete nutrition.

·       The water is kept clean and shrimp color and abundant lipids win.

·       The formula will provide the shrimp protein, vitamins, minerals and other natural nutrients that ensure good health, growth and vitality.

·       The products are produced in a plant inspected and approved by the VS (or UDAF).

·       The product is manipulated, prepared, packaged and stored in order to avoid contamination.

·       Mackay Marine products obtained negative results of the following viruses:

o   Taura syndrome.

o   White Spot Virus.

o   Yellow Head Virus.

o   Salmonella.

·       This product is for use in animals not for human consumption.


Call for Price

Guaranteed Analysis: " Crude Protein (minimum) 50% " Crude fat (minimum) 9% " Crude fiber (maximum) 3% " Ash (maximum) 8% " Moisture (maximum) 6% Particle size: " MPZ

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