Probiotik Sanolife PRO-W

Sanolife PRO-W is an advanced probiotic, specifically formulated for use in both fresh water and sea water. Advantage : Promotes rapid decomposition of waste material helps to control pathogenic bacteria (Vibrio sp., Edwardsiella, Streptococcus, etc) in ponds under  both aerobic and anaerobic conditions Assists in the establishment and stability of  phytoplankton bloom and reduces the development of blue-green algae Improves biofloc formation in intensive systems Reduces the development of blue-green algae Reduces ammonia Eliminates nitrate by reducing it to gas that is then expelled from the water Reduces the risk of off-flavor Prevents spermatophore necrosis in broodstock males.


Rp. 670.000

Instruction For Use :

Use 200 grams of Sanolife PRO-W per hectare per application 

1. Calculate the total amount of probiotic for the  required application

2. Mix Sanolife PRO-W with pond water in a bucket and let it stand for 1 hour 

3. Distribute evenly over the pond with the aerators running