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Skretting to Lend Test Facilities to Feed Innovators

| Mon, 16 Sep 2019 - 09:42

Aquaculture feed giant Skretting will shortlist feed innovators and test their solutions as part of an ongoing contest it has called FEED-X. Contest winners' solutions will be produced at scale and adopted by the feed industry, it said.

The purpose of FEED-X is to try and remove the barriers to sustainably fed, affordable food by 2030 through fast-tracking the scaling up of sustainable innovations in the sector, Skretting said. The competition, which began in April, is now halfway through the nine stages of delivery.

The project received 133 expressions of interest. Of these, 61 innovators were long-listed to be assessed in an independent, transparent and objective process, considering six common risk metrics. Over the last three months, a wide range of experts with environmental, ethical, economic, regulation, nutrition, and social backgrounds have been assessing this long-list and have now selected 18 innovators for the final stage of the assessment process.

On Sept.17, nine selected finalists will be presenting their innovations to a panel of judges including representatives from Skretting, WWF, IKEA, the UK's University of Cambridge, the World Bank, and private wealth investors, among others. The finalists will be announced during an awards ceremony the same day.

During the next phase, the finalists will have the opportunity to test their products or innovations with lead partner Skretting, through its Aquaculture Research Centre.

If testing proves successful, the second phase of the project focusing on verification, scale, and roll-out aims to ensure maximum impact, ultimately accelerating the adoption of sustainable innovations at scale. This process is expected to continue throughout 2020 and beyond.

“Time is our scarcest resource. Coordinated action is critical to address the key challenges of our time, whilst respecting the self-interest of the key players in the system," said Marcela Navarro, CEO and co-founder of the feed competition's parent organization, Project X.

"In FEED-X we are delighted to be working with  our mission-aligned partners including Skretting, IKEA, Climate-KIC and WWF to accelerate adoption of challenger sustainable alternatives at the scale and pace the planet needs it. It excites us to have the opportunity to demonstrate tangible results on the ground, for an industry that has been challenged to drive cutting edge sustainable innovations into the heart of their operations, and at scale.”

Source : Undercurrent News

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