Pakan Udang PL Shrimp

PL is a new feeding programme from Skretting engineered to o er advanced nutrition to shrimp hatcheries. PL is a highly digestible diet formulated with a blend of speci c marine proteins, HUFAs, phospholipids, marine algae, vitamins and minerals. Each micro particle is carefully designed to o er a stable and nutritious platform while the low temperature production process ensures a soft, fresh and highly attractive particle. PL can be utilised from Zoea stages until pre-growing stages.


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PL is Skretting’s high quality shrimp starter diet designed to offer advanced nutrition to shrimp hatcheries. PL, with its unique innovative marine algal blend, is produced with a sophisticated technology utilising low temperatures to ensure maximal nutrient availability, freshness and stability. PL is part of Skretting’s portfolio of marine hatchery feeds.

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