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Mon, 26 Aug 2024

AQUA 2024

AQUA 2024 will take place from August 26-30 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. It will comprise a scientific conference, trade exhibition, industry forums, workshops, student events and receptions. The event will highlight the latest aquaculture research and innovation to underpin continued growth of this exciting food production sector.It will be a showcase for Denmark, and its innovation leadership in several key technologies crucial for future aquaculture, but also a meeting and exchange platform for experts from around the world.Date: August 26-30, 2024Venue: AC Hotel by Marriot Bella Sky, CopenhagenFor further information please go to ...

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Tue, 24 Sep 2024


Colombia has a wide hydroclimatic diversity and geographical, which has favored the development of the aquaculture, thus counting on production of species both warm waters and cold waters mainly in freshwater, mariculture is still an area for develop and strengthen. The largest species production is both red and Nilotic Tilapia, cachama, rainbow trout and native species.Aquaculture in Colombia has been growing at a rate of close to 10% per year, this is how it has reached production of about 204,000 tons in the year 2022. The main reasons for this growth are associated with productive improvement (genetic improvement, innovation in production systems, optimization in culture conditions, implementation of biosafety and q ...

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