Probiotik Sanolife MIC-S

Sanolife MIC-S is a mixture of selected probiotic bacteria strains, chosen specifically for disease control and water quality improvement. These strains are metabolically active under conditions prevailing in shrimp hatcheries: salinity, temperature and pH. These specific strains are fermented under strict conditions for the best and guaranteed quality.


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Sanolife MIC-S has been successfully tested worldwide in laboratory trials and during the whole hatchery cycle in commercial operations for various penaeid shrimp species, fresh water prawns and mud crab. A specific formulation for fish hatcheries (Sanolife MIC-F) is also available.

 Advantages :
• Produces enzymes and degrades waste
• Colonizes the digestive tract
• Produces strong PLs
• Improves the shrimp’s growth & survival rate, immune system and overall stress resistance

Packaging : 500 gram